31 October 2018

It has become a tradition at CREST to host a series of science networking and planning events towards the end of the year. This year, we are hosting two workshops, a three-day conference, two planning roundtables, a VIP banquet and a BBQ with a touch of science theatre.

A total of 44 speakers will present their research and views at the ‘SciCOM 100’ conference taking place from 5 – 7 November 2018. The theme of the conference is: ‘Science communication and democratic South Africa: prospects and challenges’. The pre-conference workshop on 2 November 2018 focuses on evaluation in science communication. At the post-conference workshop on 8 November, four experts will provide an overview of current research methods in science communication, including large surveys, social media metrics and new approaches to exploring the ‘science of science communication’. Selected guests will participate in roundtable events on 8 and 9 November to help us address the strategic priorities for SciSTIP for the next five years, viz. ‘Science and higher education in Africa: A research agenda for the future’.

Three young actors will perform a short play called ‘When science meets society in Africa’ at a BBQ taking place at Middelvlei during the evening of 5 November 2018. The conference banquet on 6 November 2018 promises to be a highlight. The event is hosted by Stellenbosch University Vice Chancellor Professor Wim de Villliers, with the DDG: Research Development and Support of the Department of Science and Technology, Dr Thomas Auf der Heyde, as our guest of honour. Five academic books will be launched that evening, all resulting (fully or partially) from the work of CREST staff.