The SciCom SACOMM Prize

A new SACOMM Prize for Best “Science Communication for Social Justice” themed paper at the annual conference

The SA Research Chair in Science Communication is pleased to announce the establishment of a new prize for the annual SACOMM conference.

The prize will first be awarded at SACOMM 2024 in Stellenbosch. The prize will be for the best conference paper related to the theme, “science communication for social justice”.

To enter, authors should do the following:

  • For papers accepted in the first round of SACOMM 2024 call: they should complete this form with a 100-word motivation for how your paper speaks to “science communication for social justice”. Please note that this will be checked against a list of accepted papers. Papers that have not been accepted or have not yet been submitted for consideration by the committee, will not be considered.
  • For papers submitted to Round 2 of the SACOMM 2024 call: Tick the box on the submission form indicating that you want your paper considered for the prize and add the 100-word motivation in the space provided.
  • Applications for the prize close on 14 June 2024.

Decision process:

  • A judging committee will be convened and will include one SACOMM ExCo member and a representative from the LOC. Together the committee will decide on the shortlist and on the award.
  • A short list of papers will be chosen from the abstracts entered. Shorlisted authors will be invited to send in their draft paper (a fully-referenced essay in the style of a journal article) one week in advance of the conference. The winner will be chosen from the draft papers submitted.

The following conditions apply:

  • At the time of the conference, the author must be a fully-paid up member of SACOMM and have paid their conference registration fee.
  • The paper entered for the prize should have been accepted for presentation by the Local Organising Committee.
  • The author must attend the conference in person to present their paper.
  • A full paper, if invited, should have been submitted by the required deadline.

The SciCom SACOMM prize is to the value of R5,000. One award only will be made to the winning author. The inaugural 2024 prize will be announced and awarded on the evening of Wednesday 12 September 2024 at the SACOMM conference in Stellenbosch.