25 October 2018

SciCOM 100’, the first South African conference on research in the field of science communication, is set to take place at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, from 5 – 7 November 2018. Weeks before the event, the conference was already fully booked, bearing testimony to the demand for capacity building and networking opportunities in the field. A total of 118 delegates have registered.

Constructed around a central theme of “Science communication and democratic South Africa: prospects and challenges”, the conference programme features 13 sessions with 44 speakers. In addition to reflection on democratic science, topics for discussion include responsible research and innovation, the cultural authority of science and the intersections between science communication and science policymaking. Most of the speakers are South African scientists, communication scholars or practitioners, but the programme also features a number of eminent science communication scholars from abroad.

“We trust that this event will provide a meaningful overview of current science engagement activities in the country, and also provide a platform for creative future partnerships,” says Professor Peter Weingart, South African research chair in science communication at Stellenbosch University.